Fred Thompson wins Georgetown County straw poll

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Texas congressman Ron Paul defeated fellow Presidential hopefuls Giuliani, McCain and Romney at the Georgetown County Straw Poll yesterday. Paul placed second after unofficial candidate Fred Thompson despite being the predicted victor. Unlike most other county convention straw polls, the Georgetown County Straw Party Poll does not require you to be a registered voter in the county to cast a ballot. You merely need to purchase a $10 ticket and be 18 or older by November 2008 to vote in the poll. "Coming right before the big Iowa straw poll, I think presidential candidates, particularly those not participating in Iowa, will be looking for a boost from a win or high placing our poll. South Carolina is very important in that historically, it is the state that chooses the Republican presidential nominee," said Georgetown County Party Chairman Tom Swatzel. The Ron Paul campaign has already launched a Call Iowa program in anticipation of the major August 11th straw poll.