Four killed as helicopter escorting Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf crashes

Monday, October 8, 2007

Pervez Musharraf in 2002.
An AS-332L2 Super Puma.
Image: leginmat.

At least four people have died after one of three military escort helicopters accompanying Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf crashed in Kashmir.

The medium-lift Super Puma helicopter was shadowing one carrying the president when the rear of the rotorcraft burst into flame, forcing an emergency crash landing. An army brigadier, two soldiers and a PTV cameraman were killed, and four more were injured, including presidential spokesman Major General Rashid Qureshi. The injured are being treated at a hospital in Muzaffarabad. The pilot walked away unharmed.

It is thought to be an accident caused by a technical fault.

The helicopters were visiting the scene of a devastating 2005 earthquake to mark the anniversary of the disaster. The president ultimately reached his destination.