Four killed, dozens injured in Jerusalem attack on bus

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The road where the incident took place
Image: דובב.

A Palestinian from Jerusalem today killed three and injured dozens by driving a front-end loader into a passenger bus. The incident occurred today at noon local time.

The father of the attacker told press that he did not know of his son's plans. "My son never spoke of plans to carry out such an attack, if he had I would have tried to prevent it," he told The Media Line before he was questioned by police.

Local police have stated that the incident was an act of terrorism. "There is no doubt at all that this was a terrorist attack," said a police spokesperson, speaking to media on the scene of the attack.

Jabr Duwait, the perpetrator of the attack was shot and killed on site by local police in the minutes after the officials arrived on the scene.

The incident occurred on Jaffa Road, which is one of the longest roads in Jerusalem.