Four die in dump truck crash in Bath, England

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Four people have died and at least four more have been seriously injured after a dump truck hit multiple vehicles and two pedestrians in Bath in South West England. The incident occurred at around 1600 UTC yesterday when the truck rolled down a hill on Lansdown Lane in the city's Upper Weston district in what witness accounts given to police suggest was an accident avoidance attempt.

The four fatalities died at the scene of the crash, on a steep hill close to Weston All Saints Primary School. Three people injured were taken to Royal United Hospital in Bath; one was critically injured and transported to Bristol's Southmead Hospital by air ambulance. A number of others also received minor injuries, leading to the primary school being turned into a temporary hospital. Eyewitness accounts reported by ITV News West Country indicated the truck driver repeatedly beeped his horn in the seconds before the collision, at a time when a number of children would have been leaving the school.

Police closed off the road to allow for investigative work. Speaking on behalf of Avon and Somerset Constabulary, Chief Superintendent Caroline Peters, who described the collision scene as "one of carnage", explained: "We have a collision team of investigators who are trying to assess the cause of this accident and we are working very closely with the fire service and South West Ambulance".