Four Romanian ambassadors recalled

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

President Băsescu, who was elected in December 2004, has recently recalled many Romanian ambassadors, the latest being the four representatives to Austria, Lithuania, Greece and Croatia

Romanian President Traian Băsescu signed an order yesterday recalling Romania's ambassadors to three European Union countries - Austria, Lithuania and Greece, as well as Croatia. The Romanian embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania, is also accredited to represent Romania's interests in Latvia.

All five of the recalled ambassadors were appointed by the previous administration, under President Ion Illiescu. The recall is part of an ongoing process of replacing Romanian ambassadors abroad, with the present government planning to recall nearly all diplomats appointed by the previous administration.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mihai Răzvan Ungureanu, said that the recall was not based on political criteria, or as a way of politically undermining the choices of the previous administration, but rather on the efficiency of the diplomats as well as their age, seeing as many of them are past retirement age.