Former Louisiana Tech University President F. Jay Taylor dies aged 87

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taylor was President at the University for 25 years

F. Jay Taylor, the former president of Louisiana Tech University, died Sunday aged 87. Taylor held the post from 1962 until his retirement in 1987. During his tenure, Taylor made major changes to the university, securing funds to improve campus infrastructure. He started his career as a historian and was also a Naval aviator who served during World War II.

Dan Reneau, the current president of the university and vice president under Taylor, released a statement shortly after Taylor's death. He paid tribute to the former president, saying, "Dr. Taylor was a great leader and great president. I was privileged to serve seven years under him as vice president. A senior statesman and point guard in the Tech family has fallen, and we will miss him greatly."

While president of Louisiana Tech, Taylor worked on adding buildings to the site, as well as improving the school's athletics program. He said in a 2003 interview that "[his] goal was to help bring Louisiana Tech onto the national and international scene."

Taylor is survived by his wife, Lou. Funeral arrangements were not immediately announced.