Former Lebanese Prime Minister Amin al-Hafez dies at age 83

Monday, July 13, 2009

Amin al-Hafez, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, has died at the age of 83. Al-Hafez was sworn in as Prime Minister on April 25, 1973 by President Suleiman Franjieh. Al-Hafez was forced to resign after less than two months on June 21.

The Sunni Muslim al-Hafez faced a hard time as Prime Minister as opposing religious leaders and fellow Sunnis refused to recognise him as Prime Minister. Two years after he resigned, Lebanon, which was already in conflict with Palestinian troops, entered a 15-year civil war. He continued to serve as a member of parliament for Tripoli until 1996.

A three-day mourning has been declared by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora. The flags at the government institutions will be flown at half mast during this period. Al-Hafez’s body will be buried in Tripoli.