Floods in Tabasco, Mexico impact over a million people

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Location of Tabasco within Mexico.

Floods have affected over a million people in the Mexican State of Tabasco, mainly in the capital of the state, Villahermosa. This has escalated in the last days into becoming the state's worst catastrophe in its history.

Eighty percent of the state's territory is underwater due to the Grijalva river flooding and heavy rains, which are expected to continue over the next few days.

Mexican president Felipe Calderón defined the situation as critical and urged all Mexicans to give their support.

Helicopters and boats are being used to move people from rooftops and hospital patients are being flown to neighbouring states.

Industry has also been affected as mentioned by Tabasco governor Andres Granier, who said that 100% of the tabasco pepper crops had been lost.

He also compared the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina on the US Gulf Coast two years ago, saying that New Orleans was "small compared to this".