Flooding in South Australia

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 There has been flooding in and around Adelaide in the state of South Australia today. Some areas have received 100mm of rain in less than 24 hours. In some suburbs phone and mobile services seem to be having a lack of connectivity. Around 60 houses have been damaged due to the flooding and some metropolitan roads have been closed off and motorists have also been advised to adviod these areas. Flood waters also submerged Christmas decorations along the Torrens River put out by the South Australian Brewing company. The Christmas decorations were on display as of the coming Christmas pageant. Local residents report that the light from Christmas decorations were again visible around 7:00pm.

Sandbags have been supplied to the worst areas and some relief for flood water victims has already been suggested. The rain has also filled Adelaide's water reservoirs to capacity and caused them to overflow, as stated by water authorities.

Houses have also been evacuated near the banks of the Gawler River, and many other residents have been advised by the South Australian State Emergency Service to leave their homes earlier rather than later.