Five prostitutes found dead in U.K. brings fears of "Ipswich Ripper"

Friday, December 15, 2006

Location of Suffolk within England

The bodies of five women within the United Kingdom have been found in or around the county of Suffolk in the east of England. The latest victims were found on 12 December 2006 in a rural area a few hundred meters apart, and one body discovered within 40 minutes of the other. Detectives investigating the murders have confirmed that the last body discovered was that of 29 year old Annette Nicholls. Five women have been found dead within 10 days and authorities face an "unprecedented" murder investigation.

Britain's infamous historical serial killers are the 19th century murderer known as "Jack the Ripper", who was responsible for the deaths of five prostitutes in east London in 1888 but was never found and Peter Sutcliffe the "Yorkshire Ripper" who murdered 13 women, mainly those who worked in prostitution, over a period of five years in northern England.

Suffolk Police have cited prostitutes to stay off the streets and women have been advised not to go out unaccompanied.


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