Five injured after explosion in UK pub

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Five people have been injured in an explosion at a pub in Leeds, United Kingdom. The pub is situated in the Burmantoffs area outside St James's Hospital. One of the injured said that she "heard a bang and when I got to the main entrance the whole pub was gone." The pub was reportedly not in use at the time of the explosion.

A spokesperson from St James's Hospital commented on the incident. "I believe there has been damage to a pub which has closed down and is boarded up," she commented. Another eyewitness said that "It was really loud and lots of people were screaming," when talking to the BBC.

Further eyewitness statements said that "it is lucky there are not more injuries. It could have been a lot worse," and "we [local residents] are being kept well away from the scene as I think there are fears of a second explosion."