Five charged in Ontario killings

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Four men and a woman have been charged with first-degree murder in what the Ontario Provincial Police calls "internal cleansing" of a biker gang.

The eight victims found on Saturday in a farmer's field in Shedden, Ontario, as well as one of the suspects have been linked to a biker gang called the "Bandidos", Ontario Provincial Police confirmed on Monday afternoon. According to police, the victims were shot dead.

"The victims of this crime have been positively identified and are associated [with], or belong to, the Bandidos motorcycle gang," Det. Supt. Ross Bingley told a news conference in London, Ontario.

"This is an isolated incident with ties to the Bandidos."

"There's nothing to indicate that there's anything outside the Bandidos ...this is simply an internal cleansing," said Det. Insp. Don Bell.

Six people who were found dead are believed to be full members of the gang:

  • George Jesso of Etobicoke, Ontario.
  • George Kiriakis of Toronto, Ontario.
  • Luis Manny Raposo of Toronto, Ontario.
  • Francesco Salerajno of Toronto, Ontario.
  • John Muscedere of Chatham, Ontario.
  • Paul Sinopoli of Sutton, Ontario.

The other two victims were associated with the gang, according to police:

  • Jamie Flanz of Keswick, Ontario (a "prospect member")
  • Michael Trotta of Mississauga, Ontario (an "associate" member)

The five people charged are Kellestine of Dutton, Ontario, Eric Niessen of Monkton, Ontario, Kerry Morris, also of Monkton, Ontario, Frank Mather of Dutton, Ontario and Brett Gardiner of no fixed address.