Five anti-hail centres to be set up in Romania

Monday, April 18, 2005


As part of the National Anti-Hail Program, five centres that will help in hail protection and launch anti-hail missiles if necessary will be built in Prahova, Iaşi, Vrancea, Timiş and Mureş counties. The centre in Prahova county, just west of Bucharest, is almost finalised and may even be put into operation in this year's winter.

The National Anti-Hail Program was launched in 2000 and is due to be finalised in 2014. It seeks to better protect those areas of the country that are most affected by hail. The project needs investment of 10.9 million new lei (3 million euro), half of which have already been allocated, according to the project's co-ordinator, Stancu Samoila.