First fifty-star United States flag up for sale

Monday, August 29, 2005

Flag of the United States.

The designer of the current 50-star United States flag, Robert G. Heft, has put his original creation up for sale on the popular auction website eBay.

Heft originally made the flag for a school project in 1958, in which he received a "B minus" as his grade. When he submitted the design for national consideration in 1959, he beat out over 100,000 other applicants. His design was adopted as the new flag in 1960 and his grade was promptly changed to an "A".

The flag has been flown over all state capitol buildings and over 80 United States embassies. Sixty-three year-old Heft explained that medical bills, as well as tuition costs for his relatives, are becoming an economic burden.

The opening bid on the flag starts at $250,000 USD, and the auction lasts until September 28th.

Heft has also designed a 51-star US flag, which is currently in possession of Representative Clarence Miller, a Republican from Ohio.