Filmcrew working for Channel 4 arrested for soaking Tom Cruise in London

Monday, June 20, 2005

Four members of a filmcrew have been arrested on suspicion of assault after squirting water at movie star Tom Cruise at the London premiere of the War of the Worlds on Sunday evening.

The crew were freelancers filming a new comedy show for Channel 4. Channel 4 has no production facilities itself; all television programmes are commissioned from independent companies[1].

Cruise had been on a walkabout meeting and greeting fans, and was being interviewed by the crew under the impression that it was a serious interview, when they used a fake microphone to squirt him in the face.

Cruise remained calm throughout. He took hold of the culprit, grasping his wrist, asking him why he did it.

"Why would you do that? What's so funny about that? It's ridiculous. Do you like making less of people?"

"Don't run away. That's incredibly rude."

"I'm here giving you an interview, answering your questions and you do something nasty. You're a jerk."

Security guards then took the filmcrew away, before they were arrested and bailed by the police. The crew face further questioning by officers today.

Scotland Yard have said, "We will see whether to pursue the charges, or see whether the victim wants to pursue it."

Tom Cruise resumed meeting fans and signing autographs, spending an hour in Leicester Square.