Figo will not transfer to Liverpool

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Real Madrid star Luis Figo has stated that his move to Liverpool F.C. would be highly unlikely this summer.

Both Liverpool and Inter Milan have been hard-hitting targets for the Portuguese midfielder this summer but it looks like Liverpool's bid to get the 32-year-old player, with contract and wages talks have been broken down "irrevocably", according to today's The Times.

But it does look like Inter Milan do have the upper hand, in this Figo Saga, according to many newspapers.

Providing an update regarding his situation, Figo said: "With the English side (Liverpool), everything has ended but I'm happy many other big clubs have put their eyes on me - about Inter I have no news.

"My situation is strange. I only want to play football, possibly with Real, but if I have no possibilities here it's better that I leave."

This has come to a time where Figo, has flown with Real Madrid to there World Tour, in Japan and America.