FBI suspect Jesse James captured in Rio after five years on the run

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jesse James Hollywood captured
Jesse James Hollywood captured

Brazilian federal police arrested Jesse James Hollywood, aged 25, in Saquarema city, Rio de Janeiro, on March 8.

James had been sought by the FBI for more than four years.

According to the police, he was living in Saquarema with a woman who is pregnant. His arrest occurred while they were in a mall.

James was deported to the United States for trial. The two countries do not have a formal extradition treaty.

On Friday, James appeared in a Santa Barbara, California court for arraignment on charges of kidnapping and murdering a 15-year-old boy.

James will plead not guilty, according to his attorney, James E. Blatt.

Blatt also criticized the portrait prosecutors had painted of his client.

"Have you ever seen a 20 year-old mastermind? He was not the shooter. He was not at the scene," said Blatt.

Blatt requested that the trial be continued on April 4.