FBI searching Michigan farm for clues in disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The FBI and Bloomfield Township, Michigan Police are searching land on a horse farm in Milford Michigan for clues or evidence related to former Teamsters union leader, Jimmy Hoffa who was 62 when he went missing in 1975. The FBI received a tip a few weeks ago from a FBI source which authorities believe is credible and detailed enough to warrant a search of the property.

The FBI says that the search is "in connection with the ongoing investigation into James Riddle Hoffa's disappearance, for evidence of criminal activity that may have occurred under prior ownership," said Dawn Clenney, a special agent for the FBI. "This is one [tip] we felt we needed to follow up on," added Clenney.

However; Barbara Ann Crancer, the daughter of Hoffa said "We've been down this road many times before. All they told me is a new tip came in and they were going to search somewhere in Milford. It's always a shock when it all comes rushing back again."

Previous searches and claim have turned up nothing. Most recently, in May 2004, official Frank Sheeran for the Philadelphia Teamsters said in a biography that he was the one to kill Hoffa by shooting and killing Hoffa in a Detroit home. A Detorit TV station, WJBK investigated the claims and found blood in the home, but tests proved that it did not belong to Hoffa. His body was also previously suspected of being buried in Giant's Stadium in the endzone in Meadowlands, New Jersey, a trash facility linked to the mob in Hamtramck, and a landfill also in New Jersey.

Authorities say that the search could take several days to complete and that heavy digging equipment will be brought in on Thursday to assist in digging four locations on the land.