FARC surround Colombian town

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Localization of Chocó department(red) and Colombia(green) in South America.

Colombia — The community of the town of Condoto, 600km of Bogota, in the region of Chocó, has been surrounded by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia FARC for a week. The rebel army is interfering with the movement of people, food, and medicine to the city. According to the Government of Chocó Secretary Fredy Lloreda the action is apparently in retaliation for recent operations performed by government forces against the rebels.

The FARC are a Marxist revolutionary group with about 12,000 members which originated from the Colombian Communist Party of the 1960s. The FARC's main stated objective is the creation of a Communist government in Colombia.

According to the Colombian government, the US FBI, and Interpol, the majority of the FARC's recent funding has come from kidnapping, extortion, hijacking, and illegal trade in cocaine.

The FARC are considered a terrorist group by the governments of Colombia and the United States, a Colombian ally in the fight against the FARC. The FARC are a member of the Foro de São Paulo and are opposed to the influence of the government of the United States in South America.