Explosions rock Egyptian resort town of Dahab

Monday, April 24, 2006

Location of Dahab, Egypt

Three explosions rocked the Egyptian resort city of Dahab and killed at least 24 people. Between 60 and 150 people were injured in the attack.

The blasts came at the height of the tourist season, officials said. The three time bombs exploded in a busy restaurant and in a market area in the Red Sea resort city within a span of five minutes.

Dahab is located on the Gulf of Aqaba on the eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula.

Statement on casualties

An early written statement, attributed to the Egyptian Interior Ministry, gave the death toll as 23 people: 20 Egyptians, a German child, and two victims of unknown nationality.

The statement also listed the 20 foreigners who were wounded as three Danes, three Britons, two Italians, two Germans and one each from the United States, France, Korea, Lebanon, Israel and Australia. The nationalities of the other victims were not specified.

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