Explosion kills Briton in Qatar; dozens injured

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Explosion kills Briton in Qatar; dozens injured

One Briton is dead, and dozens of others are injured, after an explosion ripped through a theatre in the Fareek Klaib district of Doha, Qatar this morning.

"One building at the theatre collapsed. There was pandemonium in the area. It took firefighters some time to put out the fire," said British diplomat Eric Mattey.

"One person was killed and 12 were wounded, of whom 10 have left hospital," said a statement issued by the Interior Ministry.

According to witnesses, about 80 foreigners were in the audience, watching the second act of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night", at the time of the explosion.

Although the US Central Command is located in the Arab Gulf country, the bombing was the first of its kind in Qatar. The theatre is located in the same area where the US embassy was previously located before it was moved to a new location.