Experts fear for the health of London whale

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Experts are now fearing the worst for the northern bottle-nosed whale that is still swimming in the Thames river London. The Thames Whale was first spotted on Thursday, with widespread media coverage yesterday and huge crowds of spectators attracted to the river.

There were hopes that the whale was heading back out to sea, but these were dashed by a fresh sighting of the whale from Albert bridge in Chelsea.

Experts say that the whale is now looking increasingly distressed, with numerous cuts to its body. The whale has already been partly beached on a few occasions, but each time has managed to free itself.

According to blogger Andrew (, a BBC picture editor, if the whale should die it would be up to Admiral the Lord Boyce GCB OBE 'to arrange for a tooth to be extracted and sent to the Natural History Museum, and a proper burial to be made'.