Evanston, Illinois middle school evacuated after bomb threat

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Chicago, Illinois area Haven Middle School in Evanston was evacuated today after school officials received a call about a bomb threat.

At around 12:30 PM, the junior-high school was evacuated, with the over 600 students being taken to the nearby Kingsley Elementary School. The middle schoolers, who are in the age range of 11–14, remained at Kingsley until around 2:30PM. Police searched the school and did not find any bombs.

School resumed after the "all clear" signal from police, and classes will be in session on Thursday.

The Haven bomb threat comes a week after a headless body with a pipe bomb was found near Nichols Middle School, which is also in Evanston. Last Friday, a bomb threat was detected at Evanston's Evanston Township High School. The bomb threat had been scribbled on toilet paper. The high school was evacuated and police searched the school, later deciding that the threat was a false one.