Eritrea declares its coastline a protected area

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Soon, Eritrea will be one of the world's first nations to protect its entire coastline. In an ambitious plan to protect it's extensive (over 1,300 km) mainland coast and over 300 islands.

The Minister of Fisheries, Ahmed Hajj Ali, revealed that a National Policy regarding the coastline of Eritrea, and its sustainable development had been formulated with the input of partners and experts.

"Eritrea will be the first country in the world to declare its entire coastline a protected area," said Dr Michael Pearson, a specialist in environmental management. The plan requires a corridor of sustainable development 100 m.

Apart from the beaches and desert coasts of Eritrea the project will include protection for the hundreds of kilometres of coral reefs and mangrove forests while simultaneously protecting inland watersheds.

It is also suggested within the policy that this will lead to the creation of new National Parks and Reserves as well as well as permanently protected coastal and marine areas.