Entertainment Software Association says new Oklahoma law unconstitutional, plans to sue

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Entertainment Software Association president Douglas Lowenstein confirmed speculations that his group is planning to file a lawsuit against the state of Oklahoma because of a new law, HB3004. Under this law, games that have "inappropriate violence" are added to a list of materials that are considered harmful to minors.

Lowenstein said that the ESA believes "HB3004 will restrict the First Amendment rights of Oklahoma's citizens and intend to file suit in Oklahoma federal district court shortly, asking that the state's new video game law be overturned."

Similar laws have been found unconstitutional in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Washington, Illinois, and Michigan. A California video game law is currently being reviewed in federal court. Last week, a Minnesota law was passed fining minors $25 for purchasing games rated "mature" or "adults only". Shortly afterwards, the ESA filed a lawsuit there.