Dog falls on car and kills driver in Michigan

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Map highlighting Michigan

A dog fell off an Interstate 96 overpass in Livonia, Michigan killing 81 year-old Charles G. Jetchick.

Jetchick and a passenger, who police would not identify, were transported to St. Mary's Hospital where Jetchick died from his injuries. The passenger suffered only minor injuries.

Police say that the 60 to 70 pound (27-32 kilograms) dog was not thrown off the overpass, but "probably fell by accident while trying to avoid a car," Sgt. Michael A. Shaw of the Michigan State Police said. "We don't know and thats why we are looking for witnesses."

The dog, which fell about 16 feet (5 metres) also died due to its injuries.

Shaw has been with the State Police for 11 years and has never encountered a similar incident. "We've had rocks and other stuff like that fall off of overpasses. This would be the first dog we've had," said Shaw.