Didier Drogba withdraws from Cote D’Ivoire national football team

Monday, August 30, 2010

Drogba while playing for Chelsea F.C.

It has been confirmed that footballer Didier Drogba has quit the Cote D’Ivoire National Team. The announcment has come after a week full of rumours that Drogba may leave the national side. His withdrawal was announced by new team coach François Zahoui.

Zahoui said at a press confrence that he had a meeting with Drogba. Zahoui traveled to London and met up with Drogba. Speaking of his meeting he said "I truly met Drogba in London. He told me he was so tired that he wanted to withdraw from the national team for a while. Drogba is a world class player who is indispensable for the Elephants, but I had to respect his decision. We will let him rest to recover his mental and physical strength and pray he comes back some day to the national team."

Several sport commentators have reported that it is more likley that Drogba withdrew from the team because he was frustrated with the F.A and the set-up of the team. However Jacques Anoma, the President of the F.A, has said that there is no problem between Drogba and the F.A.

Drogba is one of the Ivory Coast's best known players. He has made 71 apperances and scored 45 goals.