Dick Cheney released after health scare

Monday, January 9, 2006

Vice President Cheney at his desk.

Early Monday morning, U.S.Vice President Dick Cheney was taken to George Washington University Hospital after he reported having shortness of breath.

Tests on the Vice President indicated that his symptoms weren't related to his extensive history of heart disase, a White House spokesperson said. Doctors eventually determined that he was "retaining fluid as a result of anti-inflammatory medication he has been taking for a foot problem," and was prescribed a diuretic. He was released from the hospital around 7:30am, and returned to work on Monday afternoon after resting at his home.

Doctors say that an anti-inflammatory prescribed to him for an operation on his foot may have played a role in the health scare. He was seen Friday using a cane.

Cheney has had a history of heart-related issues for several years and recently had a pacemaker implanted.