Delaware State University shooting suspect arrested

Monday, September 24, 2007

Location of Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware.

18-year-old, Loyer D. Braden, who is being accused of shooting two Delaware State University students was arrested today by police.

Braden has been charged with a gun charge, assault and reckless endangerment and attempted murder in connection with the shooting of two students on September 21, 2007, in Dover, Delaware, United States.

Braden is currently being held on US$60,000 secure bond and was ordered to stay away from the victims and the University if bail is granted.

Nathaniel Pugh III and Shalita Middleton, both 17-year-old students at the University, were injured by the attack on Friday. Pugh was shot in the ankle, while Middelton was shot twice in the abdomen.

Court documents also say that Braden fired at a third student, James Richmond.

Braden responded to questions by the media by saying "I'm sorry." And, when asked what exactly he was sorry for, he replied, "She's in the hospital."

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