Danish and Austrian embassies in Tehran attacked

Monday, February 6, 2006

Four-hundred protestors threw fire bombs and stones at the Danish embassy in Tehran, Iran today as part of continuing reaction to the Mohammad cartoons, originally published in Denmark. Iranian riot police were sent in, but several protestors made their way into the embassy and burned documents before being removed. Tear gas was used against the demonstrators, at least nine of which were injured.

Denmark has repeated its request to the Iranian government for better protection of its embassy. Iran's minister of trade has halted all trade between the two countries. It is rumored that Iran is planning to review its trade ties with all of the countries in which the cartoons have been published. Iran's ambassador in Denmark has returned to Iran.

Demonstrators also attacked the Austrian embassy in Tehran today, as a protest against the Austrian newspaper that published the cartoons, Kleine Zeitung. Windows were broken, but no fires were reported.

Demonstrators were also fueled by the IAEA's treatment of Iran's nuclear arms program.