DEA raids San Diego State University dorms

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Badge

On Tuesday the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) raided several dorms, homes and apartments in connection with a drug operation that focused on San Diego University campus. Several Theta Chi members have been arrested for possession and intent to distribute.

In a press release the DEA states that a member of Theta Chi sent out a mass text message to his "faithful customers" stating that he and his "associates" would be unable to sell cocaine while they were in Las Vegas, Nevada for a fraternity formal, according to the DEA. The text promoted a cocaine "sale" and listed the reduced prices on bulk quantities.

"Attn faithful customers both myself and my associates will be in Vegas this coming weekend," the 19-year-old Theta Chi member known only as "Kenny" wrote in the text message. "So stock up, we will be back Sunday night."

The DEA made over 100 drug purchases through this operation before its May 6th raid.

In response to this incident the Theta Chi National Fraternity ordered an immediate Suspension of the San Diego chapter.

On May 7, SDSU officials stated that only 33 of those arrested were students, and that any inflated numbers issued originally to the press included students arrested months earlier, in some cases for simple possession.


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