Czech Republic coast to 3-0 win over USA in Group E

Monday, June 12, 2006

Tomas Rosicky's lethal finishing ensured an easy 3-0 win for the Czech Republic against the United States in Group E, Gelsenkirchen, Monday.

The immaculate surface of the Veltins Arena, a pitch that can be covered and uncovered by a retractable roof over the stadium, saw the Czech Republic give USA a lesson in football efficiency.


The United States had 55 per cent ball possession but scored no goals; the team lacked aggression and creativity near the Czech Republic goal. Passes did not reach the forward players in goal scoring positions.

In the air long balls into the box were picked like apples from a tree by Czech Republic goalkeeper Petr Cech. On the ground, the USA short passing game faced resolute blocking and tackling from the Czech Republic defence.

For the Czech Republic, Rosicky and Pavel Nedved were a problem for the USA defence whenever they got the ball.

On 76 minutes the two combined for Rosicky's second goal of the match, Nedved sent his team mate through three USA defenders. With the outside of his right foot, the younger protege of Czech football clipped the ball over Kasey Keller's left arm.

The first goal had come on five minutes; it equaled the third goal in directness and the clean finish. A long ball down the left flank of the USA defence led to a first-time cross into the box. Jan Koller headed powerfully past Kasey Keller.

The pick of the three, on 35 minutes Tomas Rosicky picked the ball up 35 yards out from goal; a few seconds later the Teamgeist football had glided beautifully into the net, swerving left of a diving goal keeper.

For the seventh successive time an American side has failed to beat European opposition in a World Cup match and with Italy in the same group USA coach Bruce Arena may need his players to produce something special to get past the group stage of the tournament.

Jan Koller had to go off with a muscle injury on 41 minutes. This is unfortunate for the Czech Republic coach Karel Bruckner as he was the Czech's highest goalscorer in World Cup qualification. As a tall well built man Koller provided a different means of attack to the small, sprightly - and today deadly - Rosicky.


Group E

June 12, 2006
  Czech Republic 3–0   USA Veltins Arena
Koller 5'
Rosicky 36' 76'

Attendance: 52'000

Referee: Carlos Amarilla (Paraguay)    

Czech Republic

  • 01 P Cech
  • 02 Z Grygera 16'  
  • 22 D Rozehnal 59'  
  • 21 T Ujfalusi
  • 06 M Jankulovski
  • 08 K Poborsky (Substituted: 82' J Polak)
  • 04 T Galasek
  • 10 T Rosicky 82'   (Substituted: 86' J Stajner)
  • 20 J Plasil
  • 11 P Nedved
  • 09 J Koller (Substituted: 45' V Lokvenc 59'  )


  • 18 K Keller
  • 22 O Onyewu 4'  
  • 04 P Mastroeni (Substituted: 45' E Johnson)
  • 23 E Pope
  • 06 S Cherundolo (Substituted: 45' J O'Brien)
  • 10 C Reyna 60'  
  • 17 D Beasley
  • 15 B Convey
  • 07 E Lewis
  • 20 B McBride (Substituted: 77' J Wolff)
  • 21 L Donovan

"Italy shut out Ghana for 2-0 win in Group E" — Wikinews, June 12, 2006


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