Cuba erects billboards depicting Abu Ghraib prisoners and swastika in response to U.S. billboard

Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Cuban government has erected a number of billboards outside the U.S. interests section in Havana, featuring photos of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuses as well as the word "fascists" and a red swastika, covered with the text "Made in USA".

The Cuban display was erected in response to the US missions Christmas decorations that feature a large lighted sign with the number 75 on it - the number of Cuban dissidents jailed last year by Cuban government.

Although Cuba made a complaint over the sign and has threatened to take action, the senior US diplomat in Cuba, James Cason, is standing firm by the decision to draw attention to Cuba's human rights offences. The Christmas decorations will remain in place until the end of the holiday season.

The rest of the US display features brightly-lit Santas, snowmen and a large neon pyramid tree, as well as messages wishing the Cubans a Happy Christmas.


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