Coroner says Michael Jackson's death was due to sedative overdose

Monday, August 24, 2009

Michael Jackson

According to The Times, Michael Jackson was the victim of a homicide. The Los Angeles County Coroner has concluded Jackson died from a lethal overdose of sedatives. It has been revealed that Jackson was probably killed by an overdose of propofol. His doctor, Conrad Murray, is under investigation for manslaughter.

Murray told the Los Angeles Police Department that for the six weeks prior to the singer's death he had administered a 50 milligram dose of the drug every night to help Jackson to sleep. He had begun to cut back on the dose after fearing Jackson was becoming addicted and for two days before the death gave him only lorazepam and midazolam.

On the day of his death, Murray said, he injected Jackson with lorazepam, then administered midazolam amongst other drugs. Finally, he gave in to Jackson's insistence upon propofol, giving him 25 milligrams before going to the toilet. Upon his return, Jackson was no longer breathing.

Investigators have not been able to trace any records of propofol purchases by the doctor. It is also reported that another doctor had previously been approached by Jackson and asked to sell him the drug, but that doctor refused.