Convoy attacked in Iraq, 5 kidnapped

Friday, November 17, 2006 Five contractors, four Americans and an Austrian, working for Crescent Security Group were kidnapped in Iraq after their convoy was attacked and hijacked by militants. At least 2 of the American men have been freed by police officers, but the security guard from Austria, a 25 year-old former soldier, has been killed. His body was found in Safwan, Iraq according to a police officer for the Basra, Iraq police force.

"Police were able to free two of the foreigners kidnapped and they are in good health," said the Basra provincial governor, Mohammed al-Waili.

The men were on their way to Nassiriya, Iraq and were taking a road that is supposed to be guarded to ensure the safety of convoys traveling in the region.

The fate of the other two missing men is not yet known.