Conservatives win Crewe and Nantwich by-election

Friday, May 23, 2008

According to a Daily Politics poll, 46% of people think David Cameron would be the best Prime Minister

The Conservative Party's Edward Timpson has won the Crewe and Nantwich by-election in the United Kingdom with a majority of 7,860 votes. This is the party's first by-election victory in 26 years and party leader David Cameron visited the constituency earlier.

Labour Party candidate Tamsin Dunwoody said that the 17.6% swing was a "mid-term blip" and that the people of Crewe and Nantwich will be "watching" Mr. Timpson. However David Cameron proclaimed the result "the end of New Labour" calling the Conservatives' overturning of the 7,000 Labour majority "the start of something different and something bigger".

He criticised the Labour Party's campaign in Crewe and Nantwich, which had described the Conservative candidate as a "toff", as "negative", "xenophobic" and "class war" but said he realises the differences between by-election and general election results. The newly elected Mr. Timpson said in his victory speech that "I am going to stand up for local families, local jobs and, whenever I need to, stand up to the Government on your behalf."

Miss Dunwoody is confident of Gordon Brown's leadership, telling reporters earlier that "we know the Prime Minister can lead us through this." Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman also defended Mr. Brown's position, saying that "the overwhelming majority of people in the Labour Party... are fully behind Gordon Brown."

Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman, defended his party's third-place result as "really rather robust" and said the people's votes were anti-Labour, not pro-Conservative. The UK Independence Party are pleased with the result, claiming that it confirms the party's position as "the fourth political force in the country" and their candidate Mike Nattrass said "this has been a stepping stone for the European elections next year."


Crewe and Nantwich by-election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
style="background-color: Template:Conservative Party (UK)/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Conservative Party (UK)|Template:Conservative Party (UK)/meta/shortname]] Edward Timpson 20,539 49.5 +16.9
style="background-color: Template:Labour Party (UK)/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Labour Party (UK)|Template:Labour Party (UK)/meta/shortname]] Tamsin Dunwoody 12,679 30.6 –18.2
style="background-color: Template:Liberal Democrats/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Liberal Democrats|Template:Liberal Democrats/meta/shortname]] Elizabeth Shenton 6,040 14.6 –4.0
style="background-color: Template:United Kingdom Independence Party/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[United Kingdom Independence Party|Template:United Kingdom Independence Party/meta/shortname]] Mike Nattrass 922 2.2 n/a
style="background-color: Template:Green Party of England and Wales/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Green Party of England and Wales|Template:Green Party of England and Wales/meta/shortname]] Robert Smith 359 0.9 n/a
style="background-color: Template:English Democrats Party/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[English Democrats Party|Template:English Democrats Party/meta/shortname]] David Roberts 275 0.7 n/a
style="background-color: Template:Official Monster Raving Loony Party/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Official Monster Raving Loony Party|Template:Official Monster Raving Loony Party/meta/shortname]] The Flying Brick 236 0.6 n/a
style="background-color: Template:Independent (politician)/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Independent (politician)|Template:Independent (politician)/meta/shortname]] Mark Walklate 217 0.5 n/a
style="background-color: Template:Cut Tax on Diesel and Petrol/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Cut Tax on Diesel and Petrol|Template:Cut Tax on Diesel and Petrol/meta/shortname]] Paul Thorogood 118 0.3 n/a
style="background-color: Template:Independent (politician)/meta/color; width: 5px;" | [[Independent (politician)|Template:Independent (politician)/meta/shortname]] Gemma Garrett 113 0.3 n/a
Majority 7,860 18.9 +3.6
Turnout 41,856 58.2 –1.8
Conservative gain from Labour Swing 17.6%

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