Conservatives in Alberta, Canada re-elected 11th consecutive time

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach in July 2007
Image: Chuck Szmurlo.

Ed Stelmach was celebrating victory on Monday as he was expected to be re-elected Premier in the Canadian province of Alberta. Vote results indicate a solid majority of legislative seats for Stelmach's Progressive Conservatives, an 11th consecutive election victory for his party.

Stelmach, who succeeded Ralph Klein as party leader and Premier in 2006, defeated Kevin Taft's opposition Liberals by winning a substantial majority of the provincial legislature seats. New Democrat Brian Mason was leading in his Edmonton riding, although his party is expected to win few seats.

The Wildrose Alliance Party was only formed in January, the result of a merger of the Wildrose and Alliance parties.

The Alberta Greens and the Progressive Conservatives were the only parties to gain in popular support, rising 1.8% and 5.8% respectively.


Party Seats Popular vote
Progressive Conservative 72 52.7%
Liberal 9 26.4%
New Democratic Party 2 8.5%
Wildrose Alliance Party 0 6.8%
Alberta Greens 0 4.6%
Other 0 1.1%

Results as of Tuesday 08:18 UTC - 6107 of 6107 polls reporting.

Source: Elections Alberta


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