Comments:US free speech lawyer Marc Randazza discusses Glenn Beck parody

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Hey, let's hold that debating style up to scrutiny. Let's force people to be responsible for what they say. --Quantum mechanik (talk) 23:42, 28 October 2009 (UTC)

Great ArticleEdit

This was thoroughly enjoyable to read. I enjoyed the choice quotes from the lawyer. The lawyer definitely seemed to get the irony of Glenn Beck trying to circumvent the constitution. It rates right up there with the time Rush Limbaugh was caught for dealing and taking illegally obtained narcotics.

Freedom of Speech/ now I'm being threaten from former employerEdit

Now if I'm correct here in what I'm reading freedom of speech is being challenged from Becks attorneys. The gentlemen has blog/ posted things online about Becks issue's and wrong doing of some sort right? Ok can I say if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen in some cases. I had a job loss on Oct 24,2011 from a very large company. I was falsly accused,suspended for days and later terminated. Lots of in betweens with what happen with me earlier that year in 2011 that lead up to wrongful termination. But I can put it all in one word " Union ". That can unfairly get you terminated for just saying it around the great U.S.A at times. I've suffered great stress from my job loss. I've had contact with local federal and state EEOC's along with NLRB organizations who are here to serve the little guy like myself, but they fail me as well. Now I'm pleading my case via internet about this company and all its disturbed and cruel doings to everyday blue collar working joes like me. No one cares about my little blogs posted about this Goliath of a company. The AT WILL giant that can always replace some little nobody like me right. Wrong, So I'm fighting back for justice for me and anyone who reads my blogs and comments. Now the Goliath company has had an attorney send a threatening letter to my home saying if I don't stop posting comments about their company and all it managers and supervisors etc, then be prepare to suffer the legal consequences. The attorney says its an unlawful conduct act to put this company reputations on display. Hmmmmm reputation, something I had to tell my family my wife of 25 years my 3 daughters and two grandsons who all depended on dad to get them all through college and buy that first vehicle, yeah reputation. Freedon of Speech, its just a word. I'm very dissappointed. But I'm willing to express my feelings the best way I know how. So when you send threatening letters to my home to advise me of conjunction of such efforts, recovery of all remedies under state and federal law, injunctive relief, monetary damages recovery of attorneys fee's other cost incurred in taking such actions, then I say to you being a corporate bully is very bad for business. Besides I'm the little guy here, Why should you come after me for expressing my freedom of speech. I did everything right and now its my turn to be heard.