Comments:US National Climate Assessment warns of climate-related damages to economy, ecosystems, human health

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Climate change damages123:19, 1 December 2018

Climate change damages

The damage and costs to the US will be far more if the climate change proponents get their way. Its just more of the same unproven nonsense that will only hurt the American people. Shutting down affordable coal fired plants will only make utility costs soar. When this happens, and it will, that will be when people will take a stand against this craziness. We are starting to see that happen in France with the "yellow vests". In his battle against preventing man-made climate change, President Macron has raised the price of auto fuel. First he raised the price of fuel by thirty cents per gallon and then 25 cents more. People there are not standing for it. They can not afford it. Bravo I say to the French common folk for taking a stand. We are not at that point yet in the US, but as we put in place costlier alternative utilities, the average working American will become increasingly vocal against these idealistic and dangerous policies that proclaim to "save the world".

Citizen3billion (talk)17:43, 1 December 2018

Like standing on the deck of the Titanic proclaiming loudly that there is no proof of icebergs, and lifeboats damage the economy.

Pi zero (talk)23:19, 1 December 2018