Comments:Scientology guilty of fraud rules French appeal court

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What are your thoughts on the France appeals court ruling upholding the conviction of fraud for the Scientology organization?


-- Cirt (talk)23:21, 2 February 2012

as in THINKING...that thing you do with your brain. IF you have one... (talk) 03:42, 3 February 2012 (UTC) (talk)03:42, 3 February 2012

I think Scientology is just as much a scam as Christianity. France ought to haul the Pope in next for the same treatment. (talk)22:37, 6 February 2012

Hopefully this ruling helps the States realize that they're allowing a Slave-Trafficking, murderous, fraudulent cult have religious protection, and start seeing them for what they really are: A threat to their National Security.

Aceman67 (talk)13:15, 8 February 2012

Comments from feedback form - "Some of the sentence structure..."

Some of the sentence structure could've used a little tightening up in places.

Bddpaux (talk)23:54, 2 February 2012

So could your mom.

Sorry, I couldn't resist. FYI this is not the place to critique the article's writing, that would be Collaboration Page. This is the place to express your opinions and thoughts on the matter. By the way, what are your thoughts on this matter? (talk)01:37, 5 February 2012