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Comments from feedback form - "the term Indo not..."011:07, 19 January 2013
the "pseudo" Anatolian hypothesis005:33, 28 November 2012

Comments from feedback form - "the term Indo not..."

the term Indo not at all true..europe only became civilized after people from mesopotamia migrated to europe..people migrated from mesopotamia to india too-the it is rather inaccurate to use the term indo - european...the level of bias is palpable... (talk)11:07, 19 January 2013

the "pseudo" Anatolian hypothesis

The "pseudo" Anatolian hypothesis is based not on historical evidence but rather a linguistic pattern of speech.

The "Anatolian hypothesis" has fallen apart with modern science Of deep Cellular molecular biology of a three year study by scientist across the globe which has proven THAT All Indians have the same DNA structure. "No foreign genes or DNA has entered the Indian mainstream in the last 60,000 years,”

In 2009 a low resolution genetic markers test was done which again came to the same conclusion & in 2011 They did a autosomes test, which means all major 23 chromosomes were used from the population of India.

it's now fully concluded that it was the Indians who moved from the subcontinent to Europe. “That’s the reason behind the findings of the same genetic traits in Eurasiain regions,” say the scientist which is why it makes NO SENSE that it originated from turkey.

“Africans came to India through Central Asia during 80,000 to 60,000 BCE and they moved to Europe sometime around 30,000 BCE." which is now published by "The American Journal of Human Genetics in its issue dated December 9."


Linguistic have not got a leg to stand on and that is why "Nicholas Kazanas" Theory of (OUT OF INDIA) points to Sanskrit being the mother of all linguistics & passed down to europe from migration.

A highly educated linguistic of sanskrit will tell you that it is actually handed down by vocal songs, hence why in the Sanskrit scriptures it talks about the location of harappan civilization which is older then turkeys advance civilization IF ANY!!

Total backing From DNA and scientist and perfect proof which debunks the aryan theory which most False claims are used to explain how this INDO-ARYAN language came into India.

(Out of India theory) <--- wikipedia NO EUROPEAN MIGRATION <--- The American Journal of Human Genetics

Also DNA shows that Europes human genetic are from south asia & all of the advances of human history are found in india such as the harappan civilization 7000bc and the indus valley 3,300bc.

Also why would turkey have a advance writing system of linguistics and not even have any advance historical artifacts which normally shows the roots of human progression? instead we see nothing even close to the indus valley or harappan civilization. (talk)05:33, 28 November 2012