Comments:Four Korean women accuse JMS leader Jeong Myeong-seok of rape

I suppose even wikipedia has its now faults in the way the report information, I dont even know who the jsm guy is and i am already suspicious of these facts. Anyways, i hope people can be more honest in there reports is all. I have had my share of slander for some stupid misleading facts and it sucks.

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Well here are about 30 articles that strongly suggest this article is 100% accurate:
2001, Accusations from Taipai – Jung fled Korea two years earlier
Summer 2002, GACP & Bright Smile Movement (Front Groups Invite World Cup Spectators to JMS Cult HQ):
Summer 2003, Arrest in Hong Kong:
Footage of Jung minutes before his arrest in Hong Kong - his arrest in Hong Kong is mentioned in some of the articles below.
Summer 2006, Japan:
Police Raid Cult Facilities in Chiba:
Police Raid More Cult Facilities in Chiba:
The following three articles are no longer online where originally published. I did see the originals and they are archived here:
Cult Aimed at Elite at 50 Universities:
2,000 Japanese join cult led by suspected sex offender on the run from Interpol:
Cult Targeted Students at Top Universities:
Example Japanese News Reports:
August 2006, Keimyung Gazette:
2006: Victim Press Conference, Seoul:
December 2006: JMS at UC San Diego:
Mar 10, 2007: JMS in Sydney:
March 2007: Japanese News Reports Jung Sighted in Costa Rica:
May 2007: Arrest in China,2933,272712,00.html
January 15, 2008: Members Vandalize Newspaper Office (JMS mentioned in second last paragraph)
January 2008: Extradition Approved:
Feb. 2008, Extradition & Arrest:
July 2008: Former Prosecutor Barred From Becoming Lawyer for Leaking Personal Information to JMS Cult
August 2008, Initial Guilty Verdict:
Feb. 2009, Sentence Extended:
April 2009, Sentence Upheld by Supreme Court:
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Readers may note the following significant points:
  • Per our neutrality policy, our article takes no position on whether he did what he was accused of.
  • The religious organization we're talking about is a splinter group off the Unification Church, commonly known as the Moonies.
  • A user has been spamming here with links apparently to a site of the splinter group. I've blocked them and removed the spam; as of this writing, it's all still visible in this talk page's edit history, though. (Highlights: initial pretense to be a third party, accusations of slander, claims that "major news companies themselves have retracted their publications and have apologized for wrongly defaming Jeong Myeong-seo"; then, when called out on association with the splinter group, pivoting to claim "democratic society" gives everyone the right to defend themselves when slandered, maintaining they were trust-worthy because they said so, and reposting links to their own site for their allegations about what "major news companies" had said.)
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