Comments:Finland scrambles fighter jet to respond to Russian aircraft

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I am thankful the power hungry Putin doesn't have a USSR to try to enslave the world with, his empire is long gone, with most of the USSR pawns joining the west in having things like free press, and joining NATO. Though, Europe is demilitarizing and the U.S. is tied up in the middle east... Contralya 05:26, 16 September 2007 (UTC)

Finnish defense minister Jyri Häkämies is insane and should be in mental hospital. He likes United States and NATO while most of the finnish people doesn't. Hope there's not going to be any problems.

Anti-americanism/prejudice rampant in Finland ahe? If that is true, I am sure that this minister you speak of knows what is best for his people. Russia=oppression, watch this educational news video: Contralya 09:15, 16 September 2007 (UTC)

Play nice..Edit

"Play nice, now, or I'll put you both in time out. Putin? Do you want to make Matti sit in time out for your misbehavior? Hm? Do you want that?" -UN response if this ever escalated