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It was a threat not a murder those people arrested shouldn't be sentence for too long they should be release by now. And why will those cartoonists have to depic the prophet Muhammad's image with a Headtie dipicting bomb on his head that is provoking to the Muslim ummah it's an insult to the prophet and no Muslim will accept the prophet been insult. Those cartoonists should also be jail for regional criticism .—The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talkcontribs)



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The entire sad point was missed by so many. This cartoon is especially offensive when you have a situation where hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and other peoples in this predominately Islamic part of the world were killed. Killed primarily as a result of the criminal and terroristic mass-murdering campaign against the army-less nation of Iraq some call a "war". This invasion was justified supposedly to destroy, ironically, Saddams weapons of mass-destruction. Speaking of free speech we have the Iraqi university professors shot dead on the streets for speaking out; human rights activists and reporters shot dead or hooded and taken away for torture sessions all because of their free speech --free speech used to form unions or get drinkable water or to decry the occupation of their country. And we have the never ending mistreatment and displacement of people from their homes and land into concentration camps in Palestine. Then it's in this setting we have a cartoon defaming one of the most revered prophets of Islam, second only to Jesus Christ. As if it is the Islamic people that are being the extremists with bombs. The cartoon was profoundly destructive, possibly even constituting an act of terror on these poor people. It certainly wasn't funny to anyone with even a shred of morals or ethics to their being.

I am very Christian and very Western in my viewpoints. I grew up very white-middle-class. I'm very pro two-state-solution regarding Palestine and Israel.

I very much care about others in the world, no matter how different they may be from me. We are all each others keepers. We are family. Let's stop this extremist mistreatment of people; of each other. If the people in Iraq were Jews the the USA was cluster bombing and using white phosphorus on and we depicted an important Jewish person in such a defamatory way as was done in the Danish cartoon there would be a global condemnation by Jews everywhere. You could never get by with using the word Jewist to describe acts of military aggression by Jews nor Jewofascist to describe the acts of the state of Israel. Yet major media and even world leaders use the words Islamist and islamofacist as if it is acceptable. It is not acceptable and not well thought out and not worthy of use by any decent person.

The Danes should make more of an effort to apologize for this cartoon. It is infantile and massively hurtful. We could have done very well without it. But yet still as horrible as it was we must all remember violence is not the solution. Let's work really hard to put ourselves in other peoples shoes and treat them with very great dignity. We all deserve such treatment. Although to call this infantile thoughtless cartoon free speech is ridiculous.

In the UK and USA we have condemned use of the "N word". It is hurtful to African origin people. We just say no to it's usage because our fellow citizens are more important to us than complete reckless infantile free speech. In Austria they have chosen to imprison people merely for questioning the holocaust. I certainly don't agree with the questioners but I think imprisoning them is a crime too.

I doubt there are many especially Christian towns in the USA that would let go a depiction of Jesus Christ in a defamatory way. Many would consider resorting to physical violence and most certainly the newspaper running such a cartoon would have a very hard time selling copies again. After reading this Danish newspaper I think they should spend more time researching and reporting actual truthful articles. They seem to be very anti-Arabic in general and what they call free speech is really largely just deceptions . Free press and free speech in general should end up uncovering deceptions and lies not be used for the purpose of deceiving people.

Our goal should be to come together in love and harmony... a clean world without pollution and without war.

Alas when I am angry at someone for doing something horrible I often just sit and think how awful it would be to be them. Resorting to violence is not the answer.

However it must be remembered that words can hurt people especially in situations like this where it is not just the cartoon but "the West" cluster bombing and burning Iraqis alive with white phosphorus filling torture centers with their citizenry etc. Then we come up with a cartoon of their holy prophet with a bomb in place of his turban. That is as if to say it is the Islamic people who are the violent ones.

What we do to Iraq and do to the Palestinians is terrorism on a grand scale what they do back to us is very much less in comparison. To force one into their shoes let's say we placed the country of England where Palestine was and forced all the English into concentration camps and strip searched them at the corners of the English streets and built housing settlements all over England bulldozing English farms, houses, and buildings... let's say you did this starting on a Tuesday. I assure you there would be no buses; bus-stops; coffee houses; pizza shops or really anything left by the following Thursday.

Yet we say it is horrible for them to dare retaliate. That they are the terrorists. This is all contrary to reality.

International peace and love and harmony are all possible but not built upon a foundation of disregard, disrespect and hatred.


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