Comments:BBC receives 8,400 complaints over 'EastEnders' cot death story

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Comments from feedback form - "I totally agree with everythin..."205:58, 14 March 2021
eastenders cot death320:56, 16 January 2011
It's fiction.100:03, 11 January 2011
Retrospective complaining209:35, 10 January 2011
Cheap PR016:20, 9 January 2011

Comments from feedback form - "I totally agree with everythin..."

I totally agree with everything on this page about the cot death storyline. The storyline is pathetic and all that the producer and the writers want to do is to bring sad to the programme. It is disgusting and I hate the way the producer has cross-examined the complaints. This page is written nicely and explains to you all the information needed. (talk)10:37, 9 January 2011

Too right. One thing that strikes the mind is so many bits and pieces that should have shown the baby to be in wrong hands have ben missed out or messed up. One piece that annoyed me was the following. Would the social worker have been so lapse in her checking the babies details? If so then add to the story line her sacking. (talk)12:20, 9 January 2011

im relly not sure what all the fuss is about. the writers are clearly retarded to the same level as the viewers who actually condiser the storyline plausable or realistic. Lets face it. al this rubbish about considering cot death is bull. the basic storylinbe is so absurd no one is even thinking about cot death but the trauma and hurt two innocent people are going thru. the main focus is on the wrongnes of it all but hey, the writers are scraping the bottom of the barrell to try and come up with ever more ludicrous stories that woul dnever make the bif screen or real life. Even tonught, phils heart attack..!!! pathetic script of all time so i awiat the even more dumb outcome... what next... an epiphany form phil to forgive ian and forget all !! BBC SACT THE PILKLOCKS writing this and get someone who can string a workable story together rather than scratching aroiund for ever increasingly pathetic lines !!

Andy - was an eastenders watcher from start to 2011 where the stories have bust become too pathetic. (talk)20:40, 28 January 2011

eastenders cot death

I am totally disgusted with this story line, I will not be watching this soap ever again, how on earth can this help anyone in that situation who has lost a baby, let alone the thought of swapping. The writers ought to be sacked. (talk)15:32, 9 January 2011

They should take this storyline out immediately, and rewrite the chapters they have in the bin ready for broadcast. Why should we have to sit through any more of this .... they directors should be sacked. (talk)17:17, 9 January 2011

Agree, I too have switched it off permanently!!! (talk)23:10, 9 January 2011

yes but everyone is complaining that these soaps dont have real true stories in them. fair enough yyh they should have just put the cot death and left it at that and have not swapped the babies but they are bringing true stories into eastenders and its true that some people do actually do swap the babies. (talk)20:56, 16 January 2011

It's fiction.

I'm slightly bemused by this. It's fiction. You know, made up, the imaginations of a person, not real.

Quell the moral panic. It's a soap, not a reality show.

Tom Morris (talk)11:55, 10 January 2011

It seems that many people cannot distinguish between reality and fiction these days. (talk)00:03, 11 January 2011

Retrospective complaining

The people of Britain love whinging so much (as I am now) that they will actually hear of a reason to complain, investigate the offending material in the hope of getting offended, get offended and then complain about it!

Everything about Eastenders is offensive to me and people who watch it should be culled.

Mcchino64 (talk)11:13, 9 January 2011

In my frustration I forgot to add my point which was that although the article states the amount of complaints to date - it says nothing about the fact that more complaints arise once people hear on the news that people are complaining and that this ought to have been included as it is very relevent.

Mcchino64 (talk)11:17, 9 January 2011

Totally agree about culling this pathetic show.I have rows in our household because my partner and daughter watch it.I tried to watch it to keep the peace but its so stupid for words.You must be brain dead to watch this show its full of misery shouting and fighting all the time.And its on the screens far too often so give people with a brain something to watch for a change. I ask why do people watch this show? and the reply is usually Escapism so I reply put your head in the gas oven and turn the gas on and escape that way! (talk)09:35, 10 January 2011

Campaigners attempting to raise awareness of SIDS are just trying to get cheap attention for themselves. Remember how people used to blame violence on TV? Now it seems they are trying to blame EVERYTHING on TV. (talk)16:20, 9 January 2011