Comedian pushes talk show host Charlotte Church over the edge, on air

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Charlotte Church Show Logo

Comedian Johnny Vegas peeved talk show host Charlotte Church during his appearance. She slapped him, and shouted "Shut the fuck up", after he made numerous rude comments and stared down female audience members.

The comedian suggested Church looked tense, and offered the former smoker "have a cigarette." Church has appeared in a national anti-smoking campaign.

When Church commented that she and he sang karaoke together in a hotel owned by her mother, Vegas replied "Yes and I shagged your grandma too."

Mentioning his 2004 movie Sex Lives of the Potato Men had bad reviews, he replied "Well I listened to your album and it was shit." Her album, "Tissues and Issues", reached #5 on the UK music charts.

The Charlotte Church Show has aired on Britain's Channel 4 since September 1, 2006.

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