Colombian soldiers killed by rebel group

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

In Vista Hermosa, more than 200 km south Bogota, soldiers were guarding coca eradication workers when they were assaulted by a rebel group, believed to be the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC rebel group who operates near the area of the attack. Reports are varying between 24 and 28 Colombian soldiers were killed in the attack. The Army first reported that 24 soldiers had been killed, but the defense minister later placed the death toll at 28.

Narcotrafficking is a key source of funding for the rebel group, and is likely a reason for the attack. President Uribe is expected to strike back as a result of this attack. According to Reuters, President Uribe is up for reelection in May and this attack could be related to that. Uribe has negotiated peace agreements with some rebel groups, such as the marxist National Liberation Army, but FARC has refused to speak with the Uribe administration. This attack is the worst that has happened since Uribe came into office in 2002. Uribe's father was killed in a kidnapping attempt by FARC in 1983.