Collision of Challenger-60 and Boeing-757 prevented in Moscow sky

Sunday, June 17, 2007

On June 13 air traffic controllers in Moscow prevented what ultimately became a near-miss from becoming a serious midair collision. The incident occurred when a Bombardier Challenger 60 business jet violated controllers' instructions and flew into the path of a Boeing 757.

According to an official release, the Challenger had been instructed several times to ascend to no higher than 1,800 metres. However, the light jet proceeded to a height of 2,070 metres without authorisation, taking it into the path of a 757 which was approaching nearby Vnukovo International Airport.

The two aircraft came close enough that the Traffic Collision Avoidance System on board the Boeing was activated and provided an audible alert to the crew. Meanwhile, air traffic control noticed the emergency and guided the two planes away from each other.