Coalition forces: Eleven 'suspected terrorists' captured

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The website of the Multi-National Force in Iraq has said that eleven 'suspected terrorists' have been captured. The website claims that five of these people were wanted before the operations which took place today and yesterday.

A press release by MNF-Iraq described the detention of the suspected terrorists. It said "coalition forces detained eleven suspected terrorists using information from previous operations to target al-Qaeda in Iraq terrorists in two of the country’s major cities Monday and today."

The press release describes one operation in the city of Mosul yesterday. The release says "[on] Monday in Mosul, Coalition forces targeted a suspected terrorist allegedly involved in the al-Qaeda in Iraq – or AQI – propaganda network and smuggling operations. When the ground force arrived at the scene, the wanted individual turned himself in and was detained.

Coalition forces said yesterday that nine suspected al-Qaeda members were captured yesterday