Clinton and Obama call for unity in Democratic Party

Friday, June 27, 2008

Setting aside their bitter rivalry for the Democratic nomination for President, New York senator Hillary Clinton and Illinois senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate went up on stage together to with a theme of "unity". The joint meeting was a presentation to party supporters in a small town called Unity in New Hampshire.

Thousands of supporters from both camps gathered together, cheering both candidates as the two complimented each other and acted like team mates.

Clinton described their rivalry as standing "toe-to-toe," and now they stand, "shoulder-to-shoulder." The former First Lady also appealed to her supporters who might switch to Republican candidate John McCain to stay on and support Obama and the party's bid to re-gain control of the White House.

Clinton rallied the Democrats to form, "an unstoppable force for change we can all believe in."

For the part of Obama, he described Clinton and her husband, former president Bill Clinton as pillars of the party and both as a team are needed to bring back unity in the party and in the United States.